[Guide][Kernel 4.8+] Remove Intel Skylake non-K OC Limitation in Linux

Overclocking non-K Skylake CPU on Linux without it interrupting your boot process

Linux Kernel 4.8 or below users

Thanks to Reddit user r/mr_spuck’s method, it’s really quite simple, disable C-State using GRUB or other bootloader can be added to the boot arguement



User on Kernel 4.8 or higher

[Update on May 27, 2017]

Intel fixed the issue in 4.8 regarding to this problem, so you probably need to recompile your kernel to make it work.

tar xf ~/download/linux-4.xx.x.tar.xz

Enter the extracted archive folder

cd ~/download/linux-4.xx.x.tar.xz

Create a default configuration file

make localyesconfig

Modifying the default configuration file

make xconfig

Press edit, then press find, enter intel_idle in the search box and find Cpuidle Driver for Intel Processors and unselect select boxes, save and exit

make -j4
make modules -j4

4 is the number of cores that you wanna use to compile the kernel.

sudo make modules_install
sudo make headers_install
sudo make install

Updating grub

sudo update-grub

Then completes the

If you find the artical useful, share it to the people who might need it.


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