Fixing a Plantronics Backbeat Fit That Has Failed to Update

The previous versions of Plantronics’ update tool had some major bugs that can lead to the permanent damage of your headphones, this post will hopefully teach you how to fix your broken headphones.

  1. Find an Android Phone, download the Official updater.
  2. Plug your headset into a reliable power source.
  3. Your headset will now flash both blue and red light slowly.
  4. (Open your Bluetooth settings on the phone, unpair the original headset.)
  5. (Turn Bluetooth off and on, let it re-scan.)
  6. (You should now see your headphones in Bluetooth settings.)
  7. Pair it
  8. Now open the application and the update should automatically start.

Step 4 to 6 are not needed if you had unpaired your headphones from your phone already.

The headphones should be functional after the aforementioned process.


  1. Thanks a lot! You helped me to repair my headphones after SW update interrupted and I couldn`t reconnect to the application.

    1. I have a similar problem however, it will be impossible to un-pair because the phone the headset is paired to is long gone. How will I be able to use this head set again.

  2. Hasn’t worked for me. Can re-pair the headset but it will not connect and the application goes no further 🙁

  3. geez mine were flashing purple for some time, but then they just turned off and now they don’t respond to anything. how long does it take for these to lose their charge completely?

  4. Worked for me. Pretty sure My Android wear (mot 360) played a part i failure. wasn’t until I put it in flight mode that I could do this process. I’ve seen it mess with my BT headsets before..

    1. What steps specifically worked? My fit is pulsing purple after it tried to update using the app. It won’t turn on to pair it.

  5. It worked with Android but not iPhone. I used my friend’s Android phone to fix the problem successfully. Now I can use it with my iPhone again. Thank you so much !!`

  6. I had the same problem wit everyone else, my update failed and I couldn’t even turn on the headset. But followed your guide and it work, using Samsung Galaxy 7 with Android 7.0. Thank you so much you just saved me the hassle of going through getting a new one.

    I spent so many times to fix it. but too many informations that i can find on internet doesn’t work at all.
    but finally, I found your guide! and following your guide, my backbeat work again successfully!
    Thank you again!

  8. I got nowhere with this using Andoid versions of the software. The light just continued blinking purple. I found another article where someone was successful on an iPhone. I had an IPAD mini nearby, downloaded the apps and it worked perfectly. The app actually recognized the failed update and “recovered” on its own.

  9. I want to give you a big kiss on your forehead… you save my life and my money tttthhhaaannkkksss

  10. OMG. Thank you thank you thank you. I looked for the donate button, could not find it.

    I have missed my headphones. They were sitting in a box for about eight months – I assumed dead. I found them and googled this.

    You are a godsend.

  11. I came upon this post on how to fix when the BBFit is stuck in pairing mode. But I am not seeing where the steps to fix it are written. All I see here is how to pair it again. Surely that isn’t the fix because the headset cannot be turned on and paired.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. This post specifically addresses upgrade interruptions. So I have no idea what could be done in your case.

      Edit: the post might be outdated, I will add a disclaimer up top.

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