Hackintosh on Clevo PA70HS-G

I haven’t tinker with Hackintosh for a while before I started this project, however, it turned out to be fairly successful; today, I am going to guide you about how to install Hackintosh on your Clevo PA70HS-G.

Please note that I shall not be responsible for any exploding batteries, nuclear war, or you getting fired because you’ve lost all of your company’s data. You are following this guide on your own risk.

Please disable integrated graphics in BIOS; please disable RAID; please disable TPM.

Please follow this guide

And apply the following files

And you should be good to go.

Wi-Fi Card used

Wi-Fi Card adapter used

WWAN Card used (Not Working in Hackintosh)

Flashing BIOS With Raspberry Pi and flashrom

Changes to CCSITB

Hey viewers

Please read this as I am making some changes to CCSITB

Got my CPU Delided…

Got my i5-6500 delided for oc purpose, this chip can hit 4.8 with EASE, so delidding it and replacing the toothpaste that Intel put in there would probably extend its lifespan with the OC

[Guide] Use a Raspberry Pi to Power on a PC Remotely

So that day I was thinking, how to power on my PC or reset my PC remotely, I did think about WOL, but if the PC experienced a GSOD or a BSOD, I will have no way to recover it remotely. So I came up with a idea of using relay modules for power on PC. Here’s how you do it.

I’m not responsible for any shorts that destroyed your Pi or PC, you did it yourself!

[ROM] [Android] [Linux] [Nougat] compile AOSP ROM

I reckon the vast majority of Android users are aware the openness of Android system, including compiling your own Android Operating System based on your own standard of software. I will take about building your own Android ROM in this post

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Overclocking non-K Skylake CPU on Linux without it interrupting your boot process

[For Starters] Use Let’s Encrypt to get your website a secure connection

So days before, one of my friend told me the importance which you can have a look at his blog here. I thought that I might try, it’s boring anyway.

So I already got my SSL connection as you can see, there’s a green locker in the address bar.ssl

[Windows][Guide] Change BASE and WHOLE system language for Windows 7+

There’s always been a problem for Windows users to change their language, here I’ll solve it for you. Within few steps, you can change to any language you like on Windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Works for all Windows 10 Builds.

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In this tutorial I will be mainly talking about how to restore failed-to-update Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth headset.