Changes to CCSITB

Hey viewers

Please read this as I am making some changes to CCSITB

Two years ago I started this website because of I’ve got a server dedicated for a VPN connection that was hosted in the US which at the time was being used to bypass the NetSpace Internet Filter that was implemented by the Australian government to every public school.

I did not expect to get that much attention as this was just a interesting project and all the things that was being written in here had one simple purpose – for me to use it as a future reference.

The PT-BB-Fit restore blog was really successful, I made AU$84 out of that single page with a few minutes of random writing, it is not as good as my part time job – of course, we all know that and I’m not complaining about it. But a simple piece of writing that was for personal reference caught that much attention.


As you have probably noticed by now, I haven’t keep the blog up-to-date by any meaning. The reason is that from most IT personelles perspective, I am nothing into technoledge, everything is on the surface. For that reason, a project will probably take me days or even months to do because of I need a lot of trail-and-errors and Googling to figure even the simplest thing out.

Furthermore, VCE is pretty near and I do hope that I can be better at managing my time to better prepare for the exams


There will be some changes made to the website

  • I will no longer maintain a Chinese (Neither Simp or Trad) version of the blog since translating and retyping (I’m not good at typing Chinese) take years. It also make the maintaince of the website a lot easier for me.
  • The website is now hosted in Singapore with DigitalOcean instead of New York, it is for my personal benefits – the reason being the latency of the NYC server was really high if connecting from Melbourne, and the speed was not as good as before. Also, DigitalOcean made their new droplets 64 bit which will make my maintaince easier as a few important debian packages no longer keep a 32 bit version of the software officially.
  • The website is currently undergoing the transmission as the time of publish, which means there will be no SSL encryption for the next few days, you may also experience some 404s and disconnections.


OK, I hope that wasn’t too long.


As always, thank you for your support.

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