[Windows][Guide] Change BASE and WHOLE system language for Windows 7+

There’s always been a problem for Windows users to change their language, here I’ll solve it for you. Within few steps, you can change to any language you like on Windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Works for all Windows 10 Builds.

Why’s that

There’s always been a problem for Windows users to change their language, installing a language pack which will work but it just works, some places especially Windows 10’s start menu, the language text won’t change. And it looks very bad because it’s not the same language, for me, i usually use traditional Chinese as my main language, but now i changed to Japanese, since 日本語を勉強します (learning Japanese). And the start menu tiles are still Traditional Chinese and it looks not good. So here’s our tutorial. You will need a software call DISM++ you can download in the link, the link is Chinese but the software is totally multi language.

**This will effect your Windows Update language, which means you don’t need to clean data if you’re installing a different language Windows ISO Image

What’s the steps

First: Install Language Pack and launch DISM++ in Recovery Mode

Please disable BitLocker first

I won’t say more about installing a language pack.

Once you give DISM++ administrative privilege, it will open up like this


(the main page of DISM++)

Click the restore button on top of the bar and choose RUN IN RECOVERY, it should let you reboot to recovery after it’s done.

Second: Changing the language

After you got into the DISM++ panel, click on your system. and click Open down below.


Go to language and region. and change the language here


Exit DISM++ and force reboot your PC, then, you should see the effect of changing the language.

Changing the EFI Boot file language (overridable)

Next, you want to change the EFI booting file language, which is the file “bootmgfw.efi” in EFI partition. I don’t think you need to do this if you are changing language from English to French or similar, but you do need to do this if you’re changing from like English to Chinese or Japanese or Russian, since they are using the different font family. If you override this step, everything will work fine except when you running disk check while booting, you’ll find every font is square.

Here’s the steps

  1. Hold shift key on keyboard, and click reboot in the start menu
  2. Choose Trouble-shooting option. 
  3. Choose detailed-option
  4. Choose command prompt
  5. Enter you password and type the following commands one by one
  • lis vol

It should looks like this

Volume ###   Ltr   Label     Fs   Type   Size    Status       Info

———-   —-  ——–  —- —–  ——  ———-   ——

Volume 0     C               NTFS Partition 137GB Normal

Volume 1     D     Recovery  NTFS Partition 450MB Normal      Hidden

Volume 2                    FAT32 Partition 100MB Normal      Hidden

You want to find the FAT32 disk (EFI Partition) and the size is around 100-250MB by default, remember that volume number that you need it later

Continue enter commands

  • sel vol 2
  • ass letter=*(what ever letter you like, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ)
  • exit (to exit diskpart)

Next, you want to rebuild your BCD file

  • cd /d *:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot (* is the letter you assigned just now)
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • ren BCD BCD.bak (to backup the current BCD file encase some shit happens)
  • Bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-us /s x: /f ALL  (where C is the system installation partition and en-us can be changed to the language that you are changing into, here’s a full list of languages)
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd

Then reboot your machine, run chkdsk /f to see if it works. 

And if it works, congratulations, you have successfully changed your system language and bypassed the windows ISO update limit

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